Is it worth getting my recliner repaired

The very first reclining chair was reportedly owned by Napoleon III. Although it wasn't until 1928 that american cousins and inventors Knabush and Shoemaker gained a patent on a wooden recliner.
Times have changed now and recliner chairs have become a much more comfier luxury. With the average cost of a new recliner ranging from £400 to £2000 a faulty recliner can be a huge worry.

Common Fixable Problems

The most common issues with recliners are usually caused by faulty or failing electronics or motors. Recliners are naturally more prone to break down compared to a standard sofa due to the amount of moving parts. Other common issues include. Recliner Stuck in open position. Recliner Stuck in closed position. Handle snapped off. Recliner motor not working.

Reclining armchairs VS reclining sofas

As most issues with recliners are caused by electronics the likelihood it shouldn't make too much of a difference between cost or complication repairing an armchair vs repairing a reclining sofa. So, is it worth it, how much will it cost? The average repair cost of a recliner is around 150 pounds, depending on the nature of the fault, can be repaired cheaply and quickly. With the average recliner cost at roughly 1000 pounds, it's a very cost effective solution to restore your beloved recliner to its original glory and value. Safe Hands With a nationwide network of over 120 skilled upholstery technicians, your furniture is in safe hands, with a majority of faults corrected within the hour of arrival. Homeserve has been proud to serve the United Kingdom since 2004. With over 120 technicians on demand, it's never been easier.
Homeserve technicians can repair your furniture in the comfort of your own home. For more information please click here.

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