Is it worth reupholstering my sofa

The following guide should help you decide whether to reupholster your sofa or buy new.

Your favourite piece of furniture for the past 10 years has now become dirty, fabric ripped or just does not match the current décor of your home. You can head out to your nearest store and purchase a new suite but this isn't your only option.

Should I reupholster my furniture?

You should consider the build of the furniture before deciding to recover your sofa along with the sentimental value of the furniture. A new chair or sofa could cost less than having reupholstery carried out but might not always last longer than a good old fashioned, hand built sofa.

If you're still sitting on your sofa you've had for around 10 years. That's where the quality lies. The frame is likely to be much more structurally sound and reupholstery might just be what you need to breathe life back into your suite.

It fits into your living space perfectly and you might not be able to find another sofa of the same quality or comfort to you.

How much did you spend on your furniture? If you only spent a few hundred pounds on your furniture, reupholstery probably isn't ideal as the frame not be as strong. It could end up costing you more and the frame can't be guaranteed to last all that long.

But if you opted for that more expensive piece, it's a lot more likely to last for many more years to come as it will be of a higher quality and could be worth recovering with a new fabric.

How much will it cost to reupholster my furniture?

Reupholstery could cost more than buying a new piece of furniture but there is no guarantee that your new furniture will last as long as your current piece of furniture.

The overall cost of reupholstery for your furniture varies on a range of factors such as the fabric and the work required.

The types of fabric vary in price so you can go for a low-mid range fabric all the way up to a high end piece of fabric.

You might also want your seats replaced with new cushions in case any of the seats are sagging or dipping.

We will assess your furniture and provide you with a quote based on your needs along with any recommendations. If we feel that recovering your sofa is not cost effective, possibly due to the build quality of the frame, we will inform of this before carrying out any work.

Reupholstery work is carried out in our workshop by our full qualified technicians, who on average, have around 10 years' experience in upholstery work.

Quality of Work

All of our furniture reupholstery work comes with a 12 month's guarantee, which covers every item that leaves our UK based workshop.

We have over 10 years' experience in trade over 100 furniture technicians across the UK.

Once the sofa is brought back to our workshop, we assign it to a senior technician who is responsible for your sofa. They will follow the reupholster process from start to finish and ensure that the work is carried out to the highest standard and if checked thoroughly before moving on to the next stage.

Is Reupholstery for me?

Reupholstering your furniture is very beneficial. Our Technicians will pick up your furniture from your home and bring it back to our workshop. You won't have to spend hours searching for a new sofa online or going through all the stores.

You might think that just buying a new sofa is more hassle free but is it worth the 'easy option'? All the re-measuring and looking at all these sofa's that might fit in the room or with your style.

Your sofa fits perfectly in your room and with your suite. You know you like it and you know it's comfortable. Reupholstery is well worth consideration. A few scuffs, tears or stains shouldn't mean throwing away furniture you love. Create that fresh new feel to that comfy sofa of yours.

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