After buying a mobility scooter, it is important that you keep it well maintained and to get it serviced on an annual basis. This will help the scooter last longer and reduce the chance of it breaking down.

In this guide we will discuss the steps on keeping your mobility scooter maintained and looking like new.

Cleaning of the scooter

It is advisable that on a regular basis that you clean your scooter from dust, dirt and any debris that is lodged in any of the moving parts as this may prevent it from working correctly.

Storage of scooter

When storing your scooter away make sure it is kept in a dry, clean and secure place (shed/garage/indoors), also to keep in mind during storage it is advisable that you keep a cover on the mobility scooter while not in use.

The cover this will protect the scooter from cold weather, dust and dirt which will prevent any damage being done to the scooter.

General Checks to the scooter

  • When checking the scooter, it’s worth checking the underside of the scooter for any damage or trapped debris that might have become stuck
  • Check the tyres for any damage make sure that they are both solid and no change in tyre pressure.
  • Check the indicators and lights on your mobility scooter

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Mobility Scooters have a lot of moving parts, they also have safety parts such as brakes & the motor that is enclosed within the scooter.

Most manufacturers do recommend that you get your mobility scooter serviced yearly, the scooter service should be carried out by a trained professional.

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